Family & Children’s Ministry

Where do your kids spend more time in a week? A year? A childhood? Is it with you or at a church program? God gives parents the joyful and weighty role of being the primary spiritual caregiver for their kids. We keep that in mind as we consider how to minister to your whole family.

Before we think about programs, we think about vision. Our vision is to see the generations hope in God (Psalm 78:4, 7) and for His goodness and grace to shine in our homes. To further pursue that vision of discipleship in the home, we offer the following programs on campus and encourage the following pathways for growth to support your role as the primary spiritual caregiver of your children. We believe that building strong families that glorify God goes a long way toward building a strong church that glorifies God.

To further get a sense of that vision, view this.

We want the hearts of kids to be captured by the beauty, power, and love of the Savior. Strictly moral lessons won’t do this (“Be good. Don’t be bad.”); neither will mere entertainment. We certainly want them to enjoy their time in our care, even to have fun, but that’s not our highest aim. God isn’t boring when we see Him for who he is! Ultimately, only seeing Christ in His Word and witnessing the transformation He brings in His people will capture their hearts. These have the power to stick with them into adulthood and sustain them through suffering.

Sunday Mornings

Our Sunday School (9 AM) is called Project NeXKid. It’s anchored by a 3-year chronological tour of the Bible (The Gospel Project) to discover how Jesus is the center of all God’s promises. Knowing Jesus makes us into new people and moves us to live on mission with Him. Earlier in the week we send a 5 Minute Family Devotion email to parents with a summary of that week’s lesson plus other elements to help foster faith conversations at home.

NeXKid Worship is designed especially for kids, K4-2nd grade, to help prepare them to worship with the whole church. Kids will get to singing, hear that day’s Project NeXKid lesson presented through drama, do Bible memory, and participate in enjoyable, truth-reinforcing games & activities. Kids are invited to NeXKid Worship following the singing in the worship gathering (10:15 AM).

Wednesday Nights

NeXKid Investigators is our mid-week offering for kids from K4-5th grade. Here we ask big questions about God and dig down deep for big answers in His Word. We include music and lively, truth-reinforcing games and activities. It’s all in hopes that our kids will become makers of noisy joy who then take that noise and the good news about Jesus to the nations. We meet from 6:00-7:00 PM, beginning in room H-202 then dividing into smaller groups down that hall. As usual we provide a take-home sheet to give parents tools to succeed in spiritually nurturing their kids.

 Equipping Parents

Corporate Worship – If parents aren’t regularly spiritually fed, they will have little of spiritual benefit to offer their children. They’ll still be influencing them, but will be the Lord’s priorities and character on display? Further, spiritually malnourished parents won’t be well equipped to guide their kids onto the path of maximum joy and the reason God made them.

Life Groups – As parents grow to become more like Jesus Christ through studying His Word and applying it together, it will spill over into their parenting.

 1-on-1 Friendships – Among Christians these can help in bearing one another’s burdens, growing in wisdom, mentoring, and stimulating accountability and prayer.

While these three elements might lack “shine”, they are some of the most common ways God has given to slowly shape people to become more like Himself. In the process, that is how they become more loving, patient, wise, and courageous parents who show their kids what God is like.

Parent Equipping Workshops – We want to help parents follow Jesus in the details of life so that they can, in turn, show their kids how to do the same. We take home-life issues and connect them practically to Jesus, His Word, and what He’s done for us. Sometimes these quarterly sessions have a speaker, while other dates may include an interview or panel discussion.

Watch our initial workshop.

 The Basics Class for Kids – We designed this 5-week course for kids asking questions about following Jesus or for those who have professed faith. Before we baptize a believing child, we have them complete this class. It has three purposes: 1) teaching & discipling, 2) equipping parents, and 3) further discerning with you your child’s response to God’s work in their lives. At least one parent or guardian needs to come, but both are welcome! We’ll cover the basics of the Bible’s big story, the gospel, the ordinances, the church, and growing to become like Jesus in relationship with God’s people. We provide resources for parents in each session to continue the discussion at home, plus some other helps related to children and conversion. Offered quarterly. Sign up here.

TFM Podcast – How does following Jesus practically affect how I mother or father my kids? How can I tell if my child is a Christian? Do my kids need more self-esteem or a different reference point? What do I do with the not-so-G-rated things in the Bible? How can I think through Halloween or Christmas traditions? The TFM Podcast tackles topics like these and much more. Using discussion as well as interviews with seasoned ministry leaders of national influence, we provide practical yet thought-provoking content to equip and encourage you as the primary spiritual nurturer in your kids’ lives. Hosted by long-time friends Pastors Ben Palacz & Tony Trussoni (Faith Family Church, Finksburg, MD). Listen at SoundCloud, Spreaker, Stitcher, & iTunes.