Curtis Baptist Intern Program

The mission of the Curtis Baptist Church Intern Program is designed to develop Christian leaders with a passion to make disciples through the local church. Our desire is to invest in individuals while equipping them for ministry.

Interns will learn what Christ-centered leadership is all about while building a strong Biblical foundation and acquiring practical ministry skills.

Our intern program is a ministry experience that exposes young adults to an environment where application occurs simultaneously.

Interns will get the opportunity to have an impact on hundreds of people as they serve at Curtis Baptist Church while acquiring knowledge on the functions of the local church. Opportunities are available in: Nursery, Children’s, Middle School, High School, College, Young Professionals, Women’s, Men’s, and Senior Adults ministries. We also have opportunities in Missions, Strategic Planning, Church Administration, Leadership Development, Spiritual Development, Teaching, Small Groups, Media, Guest Services, Worship, and more.

Our pastors and leaders have years of experience in a variety of ministry settings. Interns will learn about ministry through hands-on experience as they serve throughout the church under experienced and committed staff and leaders. Interns will be assigned to serve under a ministry based on their passions, skills, gifts, abilities, experiences, and needs of the church.



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Our intern program is a ten to twelve week experience designed for individuals desiring intense discipleship, in-depth Bible teaching, hands-on ministry experience, and an opportunity to make a difference with their summer!

Our program is designed to challenge and stretch interns to new levels of spiritual disciplines, servanthood, prayer, and Biblical knowledge. This is a great opportunity for high school graduates, college students, young professionals, or anyone who is ready to radically become more like Christ!



  • Experience on-site practical training in ministry

  • Work alongside other interns

  • Work one-on-one with pastors and church leaders in designated area of service

  • Teach and lead on a weekly basis

  • Have the opportunity to be discipled and grow spiritually on a personal level


  • Have the privilege to disciple others and grow members of the Church in their faith

  • Learn from intern development meetings that include hearing from senior-level ministers and receiving free resources to help further education


  • Committed follower of Christ

  • Student in good academic standing

  • Agreement to the Intern Covenant

  • Membership at Curtis Baptist Church


At Curtis Baptist Church, we want interns to grow in wisdom and Spiritual discernment. The Intern Program is designed to help interns begin the journey of identifying and discovering one’s calling, purpose, spiritual gifts, and identity.

Whether an intern decides to go into full-time ministry or not, the ministry skills, discipleship, mentoring, Biblical knowledge, and experience acquired during the internship will be beneficial for any ministry setting.

 The Curtis Baptist Church Intern Program consists of many components to enrich and add value to an intern’s experience. Extensive hands-on training by serving throughout the Church’s variety of church ministries and activities is a major part of an intern’s weekly schedule.

Access to the Pastoral staff, church and school leadership, as well as experienced Christian leaders, pastors, and missionaries from all over the world make every situation a valuable learning experience.