Serve Internationally


The Apostle Paul said, in his letter to the Romans, “I make it my ambition to preach the gospel, not where Christ has already been named, lest I build on someone else’s foundation,  but as it is written, ‘Those who have never been told of him will see, and those who have never heard will understand.’” (Romans 15:20-21). Our focus in our work internationally is generally on places where lostness is great. When we can, we partner with national Great Commission believers to take the good news to unreached peoples or places. In other cases, we are the only ones taking the gospel to those areas. Take a look at some of the opportunities you may have to serve with us overseas and also at what it takes to actually prepare to serve internationally.

Pray,  Prepare,  Give, GO!

Ready to be a part of the Great Commission overseas? Here is help to enable you to take the steps to be ready to go when God calls!










1) Pray


What exactly should I pray for? Pray…

  • That the Holy Spirit will remove the spiritual blindness of those being ministered to.
  • That those people our teams will come into contact with will come to know the Truth.
  • For open doors so that missionaries will be able to take the Gospel to the group.
  • For the protection and safety of missionaries and other Christian workers among the group.
  • That God will raise people from the group to build a strong church among their own people.

*Note: Prayer guides for missions are available in the Missions Mall.

2) Preparing to GO!


Here are some areas in which you can prepare to GO!

Make it a prayer habit to ask God about where He wants you to serve. When an interest meeting is announced for a particular project, go with a prayerful heart that asks, “Is this where I need to go?” Then listen and respond.
The Word
Whether you are going next year or five years from now, you need to be preparing spiritually by spending time in the Word of God daily, and seeking other opportunities to grow in your relationship with Christ.

Take a course in sharing your faith, and use what you learn. A great opportunity offered regularly at Curtis is the “Share Jesus Without Fear” class.

Spiritual preparation is foundational. This is not mission tourism. It doesn’t require great knowledge, so much as it requires a growing and active relationship with Jesus Christ. It takes more than a plane ride to turn any of us into a missionary.

Passport and Visa Procedures
Passport – You have to have a passport to go out of the country, and get back in. Many post offices have Passport offices. The downtown post office on 8th Street, and the Evans Post Office both offer full service, taking pictures as well as receiving the applications and fees. Persons 16 and over can get a passport that is valid for ten years from date of issue. Children 15 and under receive passports that are valid for five years. You can get up-to-date information about passports, and make appointments at some Post Offices at:

If you have had a passport, you may be eligible for a renewal. Check the website above, or read the information on the renewal application to see if you are eligible.


Visas – Many countries require visas to come into their country. Often, those are secured upon arrival. There are destinations, however, where visas must be secured prior to departure. Your passport is sent to that country’s Consulate or Embassy, along with a rather lengthy application. (You and your team will usually fill these out together at a team meeting). Your team coordinator or the Missions Office will take all passports and applications and send them via Federal Express or UPS to the embassy.  Getting these visas can take as long as four weeks.

Preparing Financially
Costs vary according to the distance and length of a project. As a general guideline, overseas project costs run between $1500 and $2300.

For church projects, the church generally seeks to fund about half the cost for each person. You are responsible for either raising the rest of your support or paying from your own funds.

Start saving. Before airline tickets can be purchased, we must have at least a $300 deposit, which is about what it costs when/if we have to cancel a ticket once purchased. Even if you must raise the rest of your support, you’ll need to be ready to make this much of a personal investment.

Choosing to raise your support from friends and family outside the church is fine. It actually gives your supporters an opportunity to participate in missions in a way that is different from anything they have done before. They are investing in a project that involves someone they know and love, can pray for, and hear about God’s activity from you when you return.

Many people are frightened by the idea of raising support. It is a great opportunity for you to grow your faith. If God has called you to go, He will make the way possible. Often, we have some team members to exceed what they need to raise for their support, and this helps those who did not quite make their desired level. We have never left anyone home. God always provides. The key is being certain that God has called you to that particular project.

The Shots You Need
Traveler’s Health Information is available at

Note that the CDC may suggest more than you actually need. Consulting with people on the ground is helpful. It is ultimately up to your discretion as to what immunizations you get. The only ones required for anywhere and everywhere are your normal childhood immunizations and an up-to-date Tetanus shot. The final decision is with each traveler, but it is suggested to err on the side of caution. Some immunizations require several injections over a period of time in order to be fully protected, so you should check as soon as know you are heading overseas.

Insurance Coverage
Traveler’s Health Insurance is included as part of your project cost. It covers emergencies overseas, as well as medical evacuation back home should you need it.

If you aren’t in good physical shape, we recommend that you start walking thirty minutes per day to get ready. In many places of the world, feet are the primary mode of transportation. This is also true in large international airports.

As far as medications go, take everything you take regularly or might need, in their original containers, and be sure they are in your carry-on. Prescription medications should be in the original container with the prescription information on it.

Background Check
Both church and International Mission Board (IMB) policy requires that each overseas mission project participant has a recent background check (within the last five years) on file. References are also required for IMB connected projects. If you do not have these items already on file, you will be provided all the necessary forms to make this as easy as possible.
What To Pack
Air Traveler’s Info about what you can take on the plane (and where) is available at

As far as baggage limits and fees, those can vary from airline to airline. However, the general rule is one checked bag (up to fifty pounds) and one carry-on bag. Many times team members are assigned a supply bag as well, to check with their own baggage.

You’ll receive a “Things to Bring” list from your team leadership early in the preparation process, so you can secure any items you do not have.

Once You're On a Team
You’ll have regular team meetings to prepare spiritually and practically.

Going overseas will very likely change your perspective, thinking and perception about life, people and God. You will return having had the opportunity to see God work in a way that many have never chosen to seek, or perhaps even imagine.

3) Give


These mission offerings are used to support our partners and fund projects around the world. The main missions offerings that we at Curtis support are the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering and Lottie Moon Christmas Offering.


Make a Contribution to Support a Team Member

Many of our mission teams would not be able to go to the nations without the help of generous contributions from people like you. At this time we are only accepting contributions for team members via check.

Please make your check payable to Curtis Baptist Church. Do not write a person’s name on the check. Include a note that states “appealed by [team member’s name]” and the trip dates and location.

You may also bring your check to the church office during regular business hours or place it in the offering plate. Please be sure the note is made so your donation may be credited to the proper account. If you desire to give to a project generally, simply put the destination on the memo line.

4) GO!

Where has Curtis been and where are we going? Where can YOU go with us? Some past missions locations have included:

  • Romania
  • India
  • Peru
  • Other destinations are not listed here for security issues 

Here are some opportunities for you to GO! Contact us here or visit our Missions Mall for more information about how you can become a part of Serving Internationally.