Mark Sterling, Senior Pastor

Since November of 2008, Mark has served as the Senior Pastor at Curtis. His heart is for prayer and seeing lives changed as people surrender to the lordship of Jesus Christ. He also continues to provide vision and initiative to the staff and the congregation on how to reach the entire world with the Gospel.

Mark loves spending time in the outdoors with his family, and also enjoys running, kayaking, hiking, snorkeling, biking, and walking on the beach.  You can even catch him running in the Marine Mud Challenge from time to time! Ecclesiastes 12:13 is one of his favorite verses, although there are many others!

Tom Lowry, Missions & Media Pastor

Tom began serving on staff at Curtis on June 1, 1978 where he led our Student Ministries until the mid-2000’s when he began serving in his current role of Missions and Media Pastor. He is quick to note that his passion is telling the story of Jesus where He has not been named (Romans 15:20).

Tom enjoys almost anything that has to do with photography and can many times be seen at our various church events with a camera in hand. Hebrews 11:6 is a verse, he says, that has had a great impact on his life.

Ben Palacz, Family & Children’s Pastor

Ben joined our ministry team in January 2016, coming to serve as our Family and Children’s Discipleship Pastor. His primary areas of ministry will be helping equip parents to point their children to Jesus and train them in the instruction of the Lord, as well as to oversee the Children’s Ministry. He has a passion for teaching and preaching God’s Word with the good news about Jesus at the center so that people may know God and be changed to become more like Him.

Ben enjoys being with his family, watching and playing sports, exercising (at least most of the time), and reading. Paul’s bold declaration about the gospel in Romans 1:16 gives him confidence in God and in the message that He has called us to believe and proclaim. 

Daniel Hardy, Worship/Music & Media Pastor

Daniel began serving at Curtis in September 2018 when the Lord called Him to be the Worship and Media Pastor. Daniel and his wife Rebekah met while they were attending Truett-McConnell University in Cleveland, Georgia and were recently married right before God brought them to Augusta. Rebekah graduated with a nursing degree and is serving  at a local pediatric office. Dainel enjoys spending time outdoors, especially hunting, fishing, archery, and kayaking. Daniel has a heart to see God’s people truly worship the Lord in every aspect of their lives and worship with each other through singing and the reading of His Word.  His favorite verse is Galatians 1:10 because it reminds him that he is here for God’s glory and to please Him and Him alone. 

James Choi, Student & Discipleship Pastor

James accepted the call to join the team at Curtis to be the Student Discipleship Pastor in February 2020. James and Jessie met while serving alongside together in ministry in Montgomery, AL. They got married in August 2014 and they currently have a golden retriever fur baby named Bella. Jessie graduated with her nursing degree and works as an RN. James enjoys any spin sports (table tennis, tennis, etc.), video games (especially Nintendo), and playing music. James’s heart is to see students own their relationships with the Lord and to partner alongside parents to disciple their children. His favorite verse in regards to that vision is Deuteronomy 6:4-9. He believes the key to solid students is a strong family that supports them fully.

Johnny Carr, Worship

Johnny has served as a part time staff member at Curtis since 1990 when he began working in our Children’s Summer Ministry. Currently, he is serving as an assistant with our Choir & Orchestra. He is passionate about serving his Savior, loving his family, and playing, writing, and recording music.

Johnny enjoys hiking, biking, hang-gliding, kayaking, and traveling the globe with his wife, Jenny. Philippians 4:13 is a verse, he says, that has greatly impacted his life.

Kim Burgin, Administrative Assistant

Kim began serving at Curtis in December of 2015, she serves as a ministry assistant and helps in various areas with administrative task. She also manages our website and keeps things up to date as well as helping with our social media presence. She likes to help keep things in order and running smoothly.

Kim enjoys getting to spend time with her family and especially enjoys the outdoors. Spending time on the water whether at the beach or lake is her favorite place to be with family and friends. Matthew 6:33 is a special verse to her and reminds her to keep Christ first in her life.

Noah Cunningham, Youth Ministry Intern

Noah began serving at Curtis in June of 2019. He is currently serving as the youth ministry
Intern. He is passionate about teaching the word of God. He enjoys hunting, fishing, and playing disc golf.
Romans 1:16 is his favorite Bible verse and it keeps him unashamed in his walk with Christ.

Drenda Hardy, Worship Administrative Assistant

Drenda joined our staff in August of 2018. She assist our worship team doing whatever she can to help with music ministry needs. She is no stranger to this ministry, as she has been a part of our adult choir since she has been at Curtis. She served for 20 years in the Children’s Choir  ministry. She loves music, especially music that glorifies our God. Drenda enjoys Carolina football and Braves games with her husband Keith and their two sons, Will and Luke. Philippians 4:6-7 is the scripture that has had significant meaning in her life.

Tara Hasty, Student & Worship Administrative Assistant

Tara began serving at Curtis in the mid-2000’s, volunteering with our Music Ministry Assistant. She now serves in that very position and is an integral part of our Student and Worship Staff. She is passionate about helping people and getting things done. She says that “getting things in order is a must and I love doing it!”

Tara enjoys getting to spend time with her family, going camping, watching NASCAR races, and going on thrill rides- even skydiving. Psalm 46:10 has had a significant impact on her life, helping her to treasure the peace that only God can provide.

Beth Hendrix, Finance Office

Beth began serving in the Finance Office at Curtis in June 2010. With all the ministry activities going on around the church and school, Curtis is in constant need of someone to supervise all of the financial activity that occurs. She desires for everything she does to be “as unto the Lord” and that He be glorified throughout it all.

Beth enjoys being outside “to enjoy God’s creation and to worship Him there.” She also says that Proverbs 3:5-6 is a passage of Scripture that has had a significant impact upon her life.

JanJee Hitt, Administrative Assistant

JanJee joined our team and began serving at Curtis in January 2012. Since then, she has taken on much of the daily secretarial and administrative activities that help keep our church organized and functioning smoothly. She says that she absolutely loves serving the Lord, especially in gladness and out of the overflow of her heart.

JanJee loves spending time and making memories with her husband and three sons, which usually takes place outside watching them play baseball and football. James 1:2-4 is a passage of Scripture that she says has had a great impact on her life.

Anna Johnson, Finance Office

Since June 2007, Anna has served on our team at Curtis, working hard to keep up with the weekly financial data, financial transactions, reports, and resources of the church. She says her passion is her family and spending time with them.

Anna enjoys reading and spending time with her family. She also says that Psalm 100 is one of her favorite passages of Scripture.

Karleen Nichols, Ark/Preschool Director

Karleen began serving at Curtis almost 50 years ago as a volunteer in many ministry areas, and in June 2013 she joined our staff as our Preschool Director, providing the much-needed care for our preschool children. Her passion is serving the Lord where He chooses to place her, while reaching out and helping to build relationships within the body of Christ.

Karleen enjoys being with her children and grandchildren, jet skiing, traveling, riding fast amusement park rides, and mountain bike riding. She notes that Jeremiah 29:11 and Psalm 16:11 are verses that have greatly impacted her life.

Hannah Sterling, Children’s Ministry Intern

Hannah began working at Curtis during the Spring of 2018. She is  currently working as the children’s ministry intern. She is passionate about investing in the lives of kids. She loves spending time with Noah, her family, her Bible study girls, riding horses, working on art projects, running, working out, and  riding in her jeep.  2 Corinthians 12:5-10 are verses that keep her grounded in the Lord’s strength even through the constant battle against the flesh ~ He said to me, “my grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.”

Greg Waugh, Campus Operation Manager (COM)

Greg began serving at Curtis in May 2018. He has a passion for this position due to his opportunity to work on God’s house so that it would be pleasing to Him and presentable to His children. He loves spending time with his wife, Julie, and children, Addison, Gregory, Amanda and granddaughter, Lillian. Greg enjoys playing volleyball  as well as playing with his dogs, Snickers and Lillie. Spending time at the lake and at the beach with his family is always fun, but his true passion is deer hunting and fishing because it allows him the opportunity to mediate on God’s Word and creation without the interruptions from the world. Philippians 4:13 and James 5:20 continue to drive him to serve the Lord faithfully.

Brenda Wilson, Administrative Assistant

Brenda joined our staff in 2010 as our church receptionist. More often than not, she is the first voice you hear and first face you see when visiting Curtis. She says that the best part of her job is being able to help each ministry at Curtis, as well as helping those people that walk through our front door!

Brenda enjoys getting to spend time with her friends and family, traveling, reading, and helping others. She notes that Romans 8:28 is a verse that has had a great impact on her life.